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Regent University Paralegal Studies Programs

Regent University appears in our ranking of the Top 10 Best Value Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Paralegal Studies.

Paralegal studies programs teach students the fundamentals of the law. They learn how to research cases before they go to court and how to create documents that lawyers use. Some paralegals will also work in the courtroom and with clients too. Regent University offers both a Bachelor of Science in Paralegal Studies and a Master of Law in Advanced Paralegal Studies.

Though the university’s BS program features a minimum of 120 credits of work, it makes it easy for students to complete their classes quickly. Each course is available online and lasts for just eight weeks. Students will take some religion classes, including Introduction to Christian Theory and Thought and New Testament Studies. They will also take courses designed to help them succeed as paralegals such as Investigation in Litigation, Foundations of Paralegal Studies, Personal Injury Law and Criminal Law and Procedure.

The MA program offered by the university helps students hone their paralegal skills and can help them meet some of the requirements for law school too. It includes three semesters of work and is a popular alternative to the traditional law program offered by the university. The courses in this program run for eight weeks and are worth at least three credit hours each. Those classes include Foundations of Legal Thought, American Legal System and Writing, Legal Research and Writing, Constitutional Law and Policy and Civil Procedure Law.

About Regent University

Regent University ranks as one of the best Christian colleges in America. Founded in 1977 and overseen by Pat Robertson, it opened as the Christian Broadcasting Network University. Robertson chose to name the university after his own television network. The university kept this name until 1990, which is when it became Regent University. When the university first opened, it only offered courses in broadcasting and the media arts. Its curriculum changed as other Christian students wanted to enroll and study other subjects. Regent launched its first online program in 1997 and saw enrollment grow yet again as this program allowed students to attend classes without moving to Virginia.

Located in Virginia Beach, Regent University has a large campus that ranks as one of the most beautiful in the United States. Close to the campus is The Founders Inn & Spa, which allows hospitality majors to take courses in hotel and event management and gain experience working for the hotel. This hotel also welcomes guest speakers and prospective students who want to tour the campus. U.S. News and World Report ranks its School of Law as one of the nation’s best, and Princeton Review ranked its law school as one of the best for quality of life. More than 8,300 students take classes from Regent University every year.

Regent University Accreditation Details

All the online and traditional degree programs offered by Regent University have accreditation from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). Students who may want to transfer credits to the university or from another school should make sure that both have regional accreditation, which is also what allows students to apply for financial aid. The law program offered by the university has accreditation from the American Bar Association (ABA). Its paralegal studies program has approval from the ABA too.

Regent University Application Requirements

All undergrads who want to take traditional courses from Regent University must agree to live on the university’s campus unless they live within 25 miles. The university requires that students show proof of where they live. It also requires that students live with family members if they are 22 or younger. Undergrads must use an online application, which charges a $25 fee when the student submits it. They will also supply an ACT or SAT score and a transcript. Regent does not require a test score from students who finished high school more than five years before applying.

Undergrads will also submit a government ID and a personal statement. This statement should be around two paragraphs in length and explain the student’s religious beliefs and his or her connection to God. The government ID allows the university to verify that the name on the application matches the person applying. Undergrads applying to an online program must meet the same admissions and application requirements.

The university’s Master of Arts in Law program requires that students complete the online application and pay a $50 application fee. They will then supply unofficial transcripts if they are still in school or official transcripts if they already graduated. The university asks for a completed questionnaire that asks students a series of questions about why they picked Regent University and what they hope to get out of the program. Students have the option of uploading a resume that lists any professional law or legal experiences they have. They will also submit an official government ID too. The law program only allows students to start once they finish a bachelor’s degree program.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Regent University charges a lower undergrad tuition rate than other private and Christian colleges do. This starts at close to $17,000 a year for tuition and fees. Students will pay around $7,000 a year for room and board and more for fees and other expenses, which brings their costs up to $29,700 a year. The MA in Law program charges $650 per credit hour and some fees. It takes nearly $20,000 to finish this program. Online students pay a service fee of $550 per semester on top of their other costs. Graduate students can borrow more than $20,000 a year from the federal government, which will pay for the entire program.

Student loans are not the only way students can fund their educations. They can also get grants and learn about other financial aid options when they submit the FAFSA. Undergrads receive an average financial aid package of $18,000 a year. This includes a church matching grant offered by the university. Regent will match up to $1,500 given to each student every year by his or her church. Its merit scholarships award those with a GPA of at least 3.0 and an ACT score of 18 or the equivalent on the SAT $2,000. Students can get up to $9,000 for a higher test score and GPA. Regent University offers some scholarships for students majoring in paralegal studies too.