National American University


Paralegal Programs Available at National American University

National American University appears in our ranking of the 50 Most Affordable Online Paralegal Degree Programs.

National American University offers paralegal studies programs that teach students the fundamentals of the law and also prepare them to manage a law office. Both an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) and a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Paralegal Studies are available. Though each program includes the same core group of classes, the AAS program takes only two years to complete. Students spend four years or more in the bachelor’s degree program. At the end of the program, students will know how to perform different tasks, including:

  • Review legal, police and medical records
  • Help lawyers prepare for upcoming trials
  • Meet with and interview clients and witnesses
  • Draft legal documents

The four-year bachelor’s degree program includes advanced courses on legal terminology and different areas of the legal practice. Students can take classes on real estate and property laws and criminal and civil procedures. They’ll also take courses that show them how to manage and run a legal office or clinic, including courses on the software that managers use.

A similar program allows students to major in professional legal studies. It teaches students strong communication skills that can help them as they work with other professionals. Students who complete the AAS program can find work as human resource officers and managers, while those who graduate from the BS program might work as supply chain or operations managers and compliance officers. The university also recommends this program for students who want to attend law school. It teaches them the terminology they’ll need in their classes and ensures that they have a good understanding of the law.

There is also a criminal justice degree program at National American University. This program looks at the law from the viewpoints of both criminals and legal professionals. It is a good major for those who want to work in law enforcement or the legal system. Graduates now work as corrections officers, security guards, police officers and administrators. The criminal justice program shares courses with the paralegal and legal studies programs.

About National American University

National American University is a for-profit university that operates online in the United States. Clarence Jacobson established the university in 1941 as the National College of Business. It offered a one-year program in the secretarial sciences. The success of that program led to the college moving to a larger building a few years later and adding new programs. When Harold D. Buckingham took over the operations of the college in 1962, he quickly established new buildings and created a much larger campus for students. It grew even more after receiving accreditation and acquiring new campuses in the Midwest and western regions. Located in Rapid City, South Dakota, the university now uses the NAU nickname.

Though NAU owns campuses in several states, financial problems led to the university closing many of those campuses. It announced in 2019 that it would close the remaining campuses and move to an online system. This occurred in part to a drop in enrollment from more than 9,000 students to just over 3,000 students. All the same classes and programs available on its campuses will still be available online. NAU introduced online courses in 2012 and found that more than 70 percent of its students took at least one online class by the end of 2018. NAU is now home to different departments and schools such as the Harold D. Buckingham Graduate School and the Henley-Putnam School of Strategic Security, which has national recognition for its programs.

National American University Accreditation Details

NAU encourages students to look at the campuses they want to attend to view the accreditation that each one holds. That accreditation often applies to some of the programs offered. The entire system has accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). This regional accreditation means that students can transfer NAU credits if they go to a different school and that they can use the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to get financial aid.

National American University Application Requirements

The main requirement for incoming NAU students is the university’s application. Students will also need either a high school diploma or a transcript that shows they earned a college degree or took classes at the college level. The university will also accept students who have a GED or a transcript that shows they completed a home school program. To apply online, students only need to answer a few questions, including:

  • What country they are from or live in
  • Their full name
  • Mobile or home phone number
  • Degree the student wants
  • An email address

NAU will then contact the student to talk about how they can submit their transcripts and other information. This call will also let students know whether they need to take a placement test to determine where they will start in some subject areas such as math and science. Students who took college classes or the ACT or SAT typically do not need to take a placement test. University reps can also discuss their financial aid options with students.

Tuition and Financial Aid

The NAU Tuition Advantage tells students that they can reduce their rates when they take more classes. Students qualify for different flat rates based on how many courses they take too. Those who take up to five credits will pay $1,900, while those who take six to eight credits will pay $2,750. A $4,000 flat rate is due from students who take up to 11 credits, and those who take 12 or more credits will pay $5,000. Military students pay $166.66 per credit hour no matter how many credits they take. As students progress through a degree program, they can receive discounts that reduce the amount owed each semester.

Personal advisors are available for students who have questions about the financial aid process. Those advisors can help student submit the FAFSA and make sure that they qualify for all available forms of financial aid. Federal financial aid can include subsidized loans and certain grants. Students can complete an internal application to apply for financial aid from the university. Those in the military must show proof of their commitment to receive the military discount. The paralegal and legal studies programs available at National American University qualify for federal student aid, as does the criminal justice program.