Ivy Tech Community College


Paralegal Studies Programs Offered at Ivy Tech Community College

Ivy Tech Community College appears in our ranking of the 50 Most Affordable Online Paralegal Degree Programs.

Ivy Tech Community College offers a range of programs and opportunities for students who want to work as paralegals. There are two Associate of Science in Paralegal Studies degree programs. Though both programs include 60 credits of courses, one is available on-campus and the other is available online. All the campuses in the system offer the same program, which makes it easy for students to find a location that is close to them. A paralegal studies certificate includes three semesters and 31 credits of classes. To earn a degree, students must take at least four semesters of courses.

The full paralegal studies degree program is available on nine different campuses, including those in South Bend and Muncie. Students take 11 paralegal studies courses that are worth 32 credits, including a paralegal studies capstone. Other required classes include Litigation, Contracts and Commercial Law, Introduction to Paralegal Studies, Legal Writing I and II and Law Office Technology and Administration. Ivy Tech Community College asks majors to take nine classes of paralegal electives too. They can choose from courses such as Bankruptcy Law, Constitutional Law, Evidence, Family Law and Criminal Law and Procedure. They can also do an internship or a practicum in lieu of an elective.

An Associate of Science in Legal Studies program is also available. This program is different because it prepares students for working in a range of legal jobs. Though they can work as paralegals, they also develop the foundation necessary for law school. This program is available online and on any Ivy Tech campus. It features 60 credits of courses that include 18 credits of legal studies courses. Those classes include Civil Procedures, Legal Research, Legal Ethics and Introduction to Paralegal Studies. Students also take electives that can include Introduction to Criminal Justice Systems, Business Law, Technical Writing, Creative Writing, and Exposition and Persuasion.

About Ivy Tech Community College

Ivy Tech Community College is a large system of community colleges located across the state of Indiana. Established in 1963, it was one of the first vocational schools in the state. Known as Indiana’s Vocational Training College, it began opening new campuses in major parts of the state. It would become Ivy Tech State College in the 1990s after reorganizing its system to include traditional community colleges. This name would last until 1999, which is when it became the Community College of Indiana after partnering with a private university. After breaking away from that university, the system adopted the Ivy Tech Community College name. That name now applies to 40 campuses in the state, all of which also use the shortened name Ivy Tech.

Though the college operates multiple campuses, not all programs are available on all campuses. Most of the programs are available online, though some online programs differ in the courses available on an Ivy Tech campus. The college also partnered with a large number of public and private colleges and universities in the state to help students transfer to one of those schools. Most students take two years of community college classes and earn an associate degree before they transfer. Ivy Tech now has an enrollment of more than 200,000 online and residential students.

Ivy Tech Community College Accreditation Details

Ivy Tech sought accreditation because it wanted to show students that it had a commitment to their education. That accreditation comes from the Higher Learning Commercial (HLC) and is a form of regional accreditation. Ivy Tech students can bring credits into a paralegal program and take those credits to another school, but this accreditation also allows them to get the financial aid they might need.

Ivy Tech Community College Application Requirements

It takes only seconds to start the Ivy Tech application. Students who attend another college but want to take classes online or on a local campus can apply as a guest student. When they take classes, they can easily transfer their credits to their main college. The college also offers an application for full students who want to earn a degree or certificate. It asks for basic information, including a student’s full name, social security number, home address and date of birth. Students will also need to list the names and addresses of any schools they attended.

Those who prefer a paper application can download a copy from the college’s website. Once they complete the application at home, they can send it to the admissions office’s address. Ivy Tech also allows students to contact an admissions rep over the phone. That rep can answer questions and fill out an application for the student, making it easier for the student to apply and enroll. Students have the chance to visit any of the Ivy Tech campuses to learn more and/or attend a college event. Many high schools in Indiana offer these events as a way to let prospective students meet with colleges and admissions reps.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Any resident of Indiana who wants to take classes at Ivy Tech will pay $141 per credit hour. Residents of other states pay $275 per credit hour for traditional classes on one of the college’s campuses or $165 per credit hour for online classes. Ivy Tech offers discounts for both military students and those who work for the state. All of these students pay $112 per credit hour for their classes. These rates do not include the fees that students pay, which can vary based on the number of credits they take and the type of classes they take. Students will also pay the cost of getting to and from campus and the cost of their textbooks and miscellaneous supplies.

Financial aid is available for any student who qualifies via the FAFSA. The priority deadline for financial aid is July first for those taking classes in the fall. Government aid such as subsidized loans and certain grants go to both students and their parents. Ivy Tech also gives out nearly $6 million in institutional aid every year, including college grants and scholarships. Students can use the same accounts necessary for their applications to apply for aid. Scholarships and grants go to students based on their need and/or merit. Paralegals studies and legal studies majors attending Ivy Tech Community College should apply for financial aid by the middle of summer.