5 Tips for Getting an Internship in the D.A.’s Office

For law students interested in prosecution or serving in the interests of the common welfare, an internship in the district attorney’s office can be the opportunity of a lifetime. From students interested in trial law to those interested in working in public policy, this kind of internship can be extraordinarily informative and fulfilling – and can ensure greater success in the growing world of law.

While lots of DA’s offices offer internships, they are often very competitive – and take the student’s personal makeup, as well as their course of study, into account. Here are five tips for getting an internship in the D.A.’s office.

Start Early

If you’re intent on getting an internship in the DA’s office, start doing the necessary legwork early on. In particular, discuss your intentions with your professors at law school, express to them the sort of work you want to do, and ask them for recommendations as to how you can pursue and gain an internship. For students truly dedicated to practicing law with excellence, most law professors will not hesitate to part with both confidence and counsel.

Take an Interest

Taking an interest in the work of the local DA’s office is another way to ensure your success at securing an internship later. Attend court and watch cases being prosecuted, and take notes; ask questions of the district attorney and their staff. Taking an active interest in the important work this office does will help them to remember you later – and if they remember you favorably, it’ll absolutely help you get your foot in the door later on.


If you attend a law school that offers networking events, attend every one that you absolutely can. As well, attend any talks, seminars, or workshops that are put on by the DA’s office in tandem with your school as frequently as you can, and just as you would in the gallery of a courtroom, take notes and later on, ask questions. Making many professional and academic connections, no matter what sort of career you’re pursuing in law, can assist you not only in gaining an internship, but later on in your law career.

Ask For Recommendations

Once you’ve begun the process of applying for the internship, ask professors and employers for recommendations. Generally, you should aim for a range of personal, academic, and professional recommendations that not only indicate your strengths as an employee but can attest to your character as an individual. As mentioned earlier, a student’s personal makeup can make the difference between landing an internship in the D.A.’s office – and not getting it.

Be On Point

No matter what you do in the course of your study at law school, and particularly when you’re being interviewed for an internship, ensure that you appear and behave professionally. Keep your clothes, hair, and personal appearance tidy, clean, and professional; always be punctual; speak in a professional tone. Each of these things will hallmark you as a serious careerist, and will indicate to those instructing or employing you that you take your work seriously.

While getting an internship in the D.A.’s office is not the easiest of tasks for even the most dedicated law student, following these tips will assist you in garnering a positive professional and academic reputation before you ever take the bar exams – and will make it more likely for you to land the internship you want.

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