5 Podcasts for Paralegals

5 Podcasts Every Paralegal Should Check Out

  • The Paralegal Voice
  • Lawyer 2 Lawyer
  • Serial
  • Bloomberg Law
  • National Attorneys General Training and Research Institute

They say that the key to a successful career is to do what you love and love what you do. Listening to podcasts is an easy and enjoyable way to go the extra mile professionally. These five podcasts are musts for paralegals.

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1. The Paralegal Voice

Legal Talk Network presents The Paralegal Voice. Hosted by Carl Morison, this podcast is a platform for leaders in the field to provide in-depth and fascinating commentary on hot button issues, as well as helpful career advice. The discussion based format draws the listener into a conversation. Paralegals at every stage of their careers will enjoy these talks. Episodes air monthly and last about 45 minutes.

2. Lawyer 2 Lawyer

Also presented by Legal Talk Network is a podcast called Lawyer 2 Lawyer. This award-winning podcasts is one of the network’s longest running shows. Lawyer 2 Lawyer covers all of the latest news and events from a legal perspective, something that every good paralegal should be able to do. Expert lawyers Bob Ambrogi and J. Craig Williams host. They invite legal professionals to come on the show and analyze current events more thoroughly than any news show. This podcast airs new half-hour episodes every two weeks.

3. Serial

Before you rule out the popular podcast Serial as a podcast for paralegals, take a second to consider. The first two Serial podcast seasons dive deep into infamous legal cases, something that paralegals thrive on. The hosts examine the cases from angles no one else ever thought of, something every good paralegal prides themselves on assisting their attorneys with. Season three is a fascinating- and sometimes infuriating- view into the justice system in middle-America Cleveland, Ohio. This is a great podcast to listen to on the commute and get pumped up for the workday. Season Three is playing now.

4. Bloomberg Law

Paralegals looking for a great refresher will enjoy Bloomberg Law. This podcast is hosted by June Grasso, Michael Best and Greg Stohr. They interview leaders in the field on a wide variety of legal topics within a wide variety of sectors of the law. They base their discussions on cutting-edge research, seeking to resolve current legal issues and practices. The podcast is named for the recurring appearance of reporters form Bloomberg’s bureau in the nation’s capital. New episodes come out every two weeks and last about 15 minutes, perfect for quick drives and keeping entertained while waiting in lines.

5. National Attorneys General Training and Research Institute

For high-quality informational podcasts designed exclusively for paralegals currently or hoping to be working for an attorney general, tune into the National Attorneys General Training and Research Institute (NAGTRI). These episodes walk listeners through the advice for both state and territorial settings. These podcasts are like free trainings, and they do make a difference.

Podcasts such as these make it easier than ever to be the best paralegal one can be. They are at once informative and engaging, with cutting edge stories and interviews that make the listener feel like they are right there in the discussion. They make excellent companions for commutes, so tune in tomorrow morning on your way to work.