5 Highest-paying Paralegal Jobs

Five High-Paying Paralegal Jobs

  • Personal Injury Litigation Paralegal
  • International Law Paralegal
  • Bilingual Paralegal
  • Corporate Paralegal
  • Intellectual Property Paralegal

Paralegals are vital to legal work in the United States; their ability to analyze the law, help lawyers, and work with corporations makes them some of the most invaluable professionals in the law field. When a paralegal enters the job market, they want their salary to reflect the value they bring to their position. While much has changed in the paralegal profession in recent years, some paralegal jobs pay more than others. Here are five examples of high-paying paralegal jobs.

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Personal Injury Litigation Paralegal

A personal injury litigation paralegal position is a high-paying job. This professional generally works as a full-time employee of a personal law firm that works with plaintiffs or defendants. They will most likely work with little to no oversight and be required to take on a full caseload to help the law firm. Salaries vary depending on the level of experience, but most experienced paralegals can make up to $80,000. Bonuses may be offered, depending on the law firm, and most employers will be happy to offer on-the-job training for those without experience in the specialty. Some law firms will also support paralegals as they continue their education, providing them with a chance to complete their undergraduate degree or begin their master’s degree.

International Law Paralegal

One of the most interesting and competitive high-paying jobs for a paralegal is in international law. This specialty includes the following: corporate, security, and intellectual property law. Most professionals work with a law firm that has overseas clients or an international firm that has offices both in America and in other countries. The highest-paid job seems to come as a senior paralegal in this area of law; the salary can begin at $160,000. While there are a variety of positions available in international law, it should be noted that paralegals must have at least a bachelor’s degree in paralegal studies and three to five years of experience to be considered for any of these positions.

Bilingual Immigration Paralegal

A bilingual paralegal who decides to go into immigration work will have one of the highest-paying jobs available in the profession. While starting salaries start around $55,000, those with experience in the field and speak Mandarin, Spanish or Arabic may start their positions at $75,000 a year. Working as an immigration paralegal means assisting lawyers with the translation of their client’s native legal documents, understanding humanitarian and international law as it pertains to asylum, and speaking directly to the clients.

Corporate Paralegal

Corporate paralegals have challenging jobs, but they are also well-paid for it. These professionals work with legal teams in corporations and businesses, not in a law firm. They may work either in general corporate law or in a specialty, such as trademarks or intellectual property. Depending on their work experience, their education level and their ability to speak different languages, their starting salary may be anywhere between $75,000 to $105,000.

Intellectual Property Paralegal

One of the highest-paying jobs in the paralegal field is that of an intellectual property paralegal. This is a highly specialized field and requires that professionals have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in paralegal or legal studies and about five years of experience. Most professionals in this field make between $70-$75 an hour, totaling just over $150,000 per year before taxes.

The paralegal sector is growing at an exponential rate; the Bureau of Labor Statistics is reporting that the field is growing at 15 percent through 2026, which is much faster than average. This means that it’s a great time for those interested in paralegal work to enter the job market. And while there are a variety of jobs available, some professionals might be interested in the highest-paying positions available. Paralegals are encouraged to read through this article and then research what positions may work best for them and their career goals.