5 Great Scholarships for Paralegal Degrees

A paralegal plays an important role in a law office. In this career field, a person helps an attorney prepare for trials, various hearings, and client meetings. This person collects, analyzes, and organizes information as well. This profession requires training and education in legal matters. To eliminate some of the burdens associated with college expenses, there are a number of scholarships available to people interested in this job.

1. Thompson/Reuters Scholarship

Sponsored by the National Federation of Paralegal Associations, the Thompson/Reuters Scholarship is given to recognize outstanding paralegal students. Candidates must maintain a high academic standard and be able to write essays based on related law topics. To be considered, an applicant must have a student membership in the organization. Scholarships between $2,000 and $3,000 are awarded to cover college tuition associated with a paralegal education program.

2. Jamie Bowie Memorial Scholarship

The Jamie Bowie Memorial Scholarship began in 1989 and was created in memory of the daughter of Dianna Peters, a member of the Oklahoma Paralegal Association. It is funded by contributions from friends and family members, membership dues, and various projects. Applicants must be currently enrolled in a paralegal program and must have completed a minimum of six-credit hours in the legal assistance area. Recipients receive $250 and a one-year membership in the Oklahoma Paralegal Association.

3. Nancy McLaughlin Scholarship

Nancy McLaughlin was a hard working legal assistant at the Law Offices of William Schmidt for over 12 years before her sudden death. She was an active member of the Legal Assistant Division of the State Bar of Texas, also known as the Paralegal Division, and was Programs Chair and President of the Capital Area Paralegal Association.

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To honor her memory, CAPA awards yearly $250 scholarships that can be used to attend the Texas Advanced Paralegal Seminar, to cover Certified Paralegal testing, or to lower tuition costs of a Texas paralegal training program. Candidates must submit a two-page essay explaining the reasons they are pursuing a job in the paralegal profession.

4. Lawassa B. Jones Memorial Scholarship

Established by the Tennessee Paralegal Association, the Lawassa B. Jones Memorial Scholarship provides $500 each year to eligible paralegal students. Jones was a founding member of TPA who lost her battle with cancer. Candidates must be undergraduate students pursuing degrees in paralegal studies and attending accredited schools in Tennessee.

Thanks to the generosity of TPA, numerous students were able to realize their dreams of attaining a career as a paralegal. For instance, Elizabeth Green, one recent recipient, thanked the organization for giving her the ability to focus on her education by not worrying how she would pay for her textbooks.

5. Roosevelt University Scholarships

Paralegal students at Chicago’s Roosevelt University can earn up to $3,000 in scholarship money. Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Awards are given to students who submit top essays covering topics related to the field of law.

Roosevelt University recently celebrated 40 years with its paralegal program. Through this time, over 10,000 students earned a paralegal certificate at this institution. Many graduates believe this program helped them successfully complete their first year of law school.

When a person wants to pursue a career in law without passing the bar exam, the paralegal field is an excellent option. Paralegal programs are offered at various learning institutions and grant bachelor’s and associate’s degrees or certificates. To defray the cost of tuition, many professional organizations and campuses offer access to financial assistance. The above scholarships are just a few possibilities open to paralegal students. With a bit of research, it is possible to make the cost of paralegal studies more affordable.