5 Great Blogs for Paralegals

Great Blogs for Paralegals

Legal Blogs Great for Paralegals

  • The Estrin Report
  • Law Actually
  • Lawyerist
  • Digital Paralegal Services
  • The Paralegal Society

For those working as or even aspiring to become a paralegal, blogs for paralegals can be an amazingly beneficial resource to tap into. From industry veterans to educational scholars, many of these blogs’ authors are a source to truly be valued. Having researched quite a bit on the topic, we’ve found five blogs that are perfectly curtailed to those in the paralegal field.

1. The Estrin Report

The Estrin Report is a great, all-around, informational resource for paralegals. Not focusing on any particular area of the field, its focus is broad and covers many topics. Readers can find information regarding paralegal certification and education, office politics, records processing, and all other things with regard to working as a paralegal.

The Estrin Report is maintained by legal guru, Cher Estrin. Estrin is a chairperson, CEO, and editor-in-chief for OLP.org, KNOW Magazine, and the Paralegal Knowledge Institute, respectively. With this said, her voice is one of great insight. A side of charm is also instilled in the blog’s style through Estrin’s witty and sometimes sarcastic writing style.

2. Law Actually

Law Actually is a great blog for paralegals. It is another example of a broad-based, any-topic-covered paralegal blog. This popular choice is consistent with postings and seldom a boring read. Topics range from legal strategy and court psychology, all the way to social media uses and grammatical correctness in written correspondence.

Another popular draw to this blog is the relative ease by which the visitor can communicate with the blog’s author. The blog is authored by an experienced attorney and blogger.

3. Lawyerist

Of all of the blogs researched for this list, Lawyerist is the most personal and psychology-focused offering in the group. Readers here are treated to topics that are more in-tune with personal conduct, philosophy, self-betterment, and things more of a seemingly personal nature. Some recently covered topics of the popular blog have included client negotiation tactics, personal writing skills, and enhancing creative problem-solving skills. The layout, categorization, and ease of navigation are also a great benefit to those perusing the volumes here.

4. Digital Paralegal Services

Rather than providing a wide range of topics, this blog sticks to the aspects of technological involvement in today’s legal work. Although not posting as regularly as some of the others on this list, the Digital Paralegal Services Blog is quite popular and valuable to those most concerned with this modernization aspect of working in the legal system.

5. The Paralegal Society

The Paralegal Society defines itself well, stating that it is “a forum created to educate, motivate and inspire paralegals to engage in the pursuit of excellence for all paralegalkind.” As so described, this particular blog has become increasingly valued in the world of blogs for paralegals. Information contained therein is wide-ranging, valuable, and always directly pertinent to the field of paralegal work.

This blog is also quite interactive, giving readers a chance to post their own thoughts on articles as well as contact the authors directly. These authors include a myriad of seasoned veterans in addition to site founder and legal expert, Jamie Collins. In addition, for more off-the-cuff ramblings on paralegal thinking, the section entitled “The ‘Rant’” is particularly insightful and entertaining.

For practicing and up-and-coming paralegals alike, these blogs represent a plethora of readily available resources. Today’s professionals are fortunate to have such commodities afforded by our modern world. For more on today’s best blogs for paralegals, as well as for all other authoritative resources on the subject, the American Association for Paralegal Education is a great place to direct additional inquiry.

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