5 Great Blogs About Real Estate Law

Great Blogs About Real Estate Law

Real Estate Blogs Focused on Law

  • Bigger Pockets Blog
  • 4ClosureFraud Blog
  • Fundrise Blog
  • Acerbic WITT
  • BeLabor the Point

These real estate blogs are a place to gather all the news and information that agents, investors or homeowners need to become more informed people in the world of real estate. It could be the real estate law governing foreclosures or the laws governing employees in the agent’s office.

1. Bigger Pockets Blog

When it comes to housing, laws, and taxes, it can be a complicated and confusing part of real estate. Whether a first-time investor or an agent is looking to stay current, BiggerPockets is a fantastic blog with tons of information for those interested in real estate law. There are topics like “Tax Implications You MUST Understand Before House Hacking” and entire categories of entries on commercial real estate, market news, and real estate laws.

2. The 4ClosureFraud Blog

The 4ClosureFraud Blog is dedicated to giving the reader information regarding all aspects of foreclosures including fraud. There’s a growing number of wrongful foreclosures happening around the world to people who don’t understand their rights or the law. Agents often have a hard time keeping up with a wide range of laws and the specializations required in the field of real estate. It’s no wonder average homeowners have issues. This blog shines a light on the alarming amount of bad foreclosures, and what can be done about it. It’s written by professionals in the industry, and the blog pulls feeds from various other sources too.

3. Fundrise Blog

Real estate laws apply to every aspect of the field from homeowners finding their first homes to agents and investors who are trying to find a good investment opportunity. It’s important that anyone investing in real estate understands the laws as well as the rules covering the investing world. There are residential investments and commercial ones, and they both have different laws governing them. The Fundrise Blog has everything the investor will need to make smart money decisions in a way that won’t get them into trouble financially or legally.

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4. Acerbic WITT

This is the law blog of Jesse Witt who is a lawyer focused on construction and appellate law. While it’s focused on laws in Colorado where the lawyer practices, it’s a jumping-off point for information regarding all aspects of law and real estate. The blog reports on recent court decisions that will impact real estate while also giving his take on news stories like the one between a homeowner and a contractor hired for repairs. There are cautionary tales regarding contracts and hiring people to work on the home.

5. BeLabor the Point

Real estate offices have plenty of agents, but they also have people who support the agents. These employees are governed by the same laws as employees in other fields. It’s important that agents understand all the rules and laws that apply to employees and BeLabor the Point’s blog will help. While some simple offices might have one agent and an assistant, that doesn’t mean that the laws governing employers don’t apply. As an employer, it’s vital to understand harassment and discrimination laws as well as minimum wage, Equal Opportunity Employment, and Labor Laws.

Real estate blogs keep interested readers informed on all that’s current in the world of real estate laws.