5 Blogs About Criminal Law

Blogs About Criminal Law


Law school students, those entering pre-law programs and law professors love reading blogs about criminal law to get an idea of how the criminal justice system works in other parts of the world. If you love television shows that focus on criminal law, how investigators track criminals and what happens in the courtroom, you may want to add some of these blogs to your own list of sites to visit.

Excessive Bail

Some blogs about criminal law are so technical and serious that you might visit once and then avoid, but Excessive Bail offers a unique and interesting take on criminal law. Operated by three men, who actually work as defense attorneys, this blog mentions funny cases from across the country. Each writer has his own unique take on the criminal justice system. Though some articles are more serious in nature, many come with comedic notes added by each author.

Blonde Justice

Blonde Justice might make you think of “Legally Blonde,” which is exactly what the author wanted. Though she refuses to publicly reveal her name, the author is a blonde woman working in the criminal justice field. She creates posts that talk about her own life and some of the experiences she had in the courtroom. The author loves talking about the random people who stop her on the street for advice simply because of her job, but she also loves talking about her own clients and some of the most significant moments throughout her career.

Defending People

When the American Bar Association Journal listed the top 100 blogs about criminal law, it included Defending People on that list. Mark Bennett is a Houston attorney who specializes in criminal defense cases, and he uses his blog as a way to talk about some of the issues he encounters and changes that he thinks the criminal justice system needs. Though many of his posts are fairly serious, he does post funny content regularly too. One of his top posts features tips on how defense attorneys can improve their skills, including suggesting that attorneys invest in better paper and take comedy classes.

Lowering the Bar

Lowering the Bar is one of the funniest criminal law blogs you might come across. The blog actually features articles on civil law, lawsuits, the legal system as a whole and other topics, but many readers check back daily for new criminal law articles. This is a blog that lets you read articles about Jesus appearing in front of a judge, a criminal attacking another person with an alligator and an individual caught trying to hire a hit man who spelled the intended victim’s name wrong. Each story will make you laugh so hard that you’ll want to share those articles with your friends.

White Collar Crime Prof Blog

White Collar Crime Prof Blog is another of the great blogs about criminal law. Instead of just using one author, this blog features articles posted by dozens of writers. It is much more serious in nature than some of the other blogs and focuses on new and breaking stories. You’ll have the chance to read about presidential candidates and politicians who broke the law as well as criminal cases that involve some of the largest companies in the world.

Criminal law is a hot subject right now because of the success of popular television shows like “Making a Murderer” and others. While you can read dozens of books by authors like Ann Rule and watch lots of shows, you can learn even more about this subject and the criminal justice system as a whole on the top blogs about criminal law.

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