Online Paralegal Degrees in Colorado

Students wanting to pursue careers in the legal field may want to know about Online Paralegal Degrees in Colorado. The schools offer similar coursework; the main differences are how classes are taught and in tuition. The accredited schools listed below have well-built websites featuring portals that allow you to request further information from the school and even apply. All of the programs stress that in addition to the degree offered, most states regulate paralegals by requiring certification and/ or licensure, and the degree requisites may not satisfy the requirements to sit for the exams.

Arapahoe Community College

Applied Sciences Department

The intended outcome for all programs in the applied sciences department is that students will be prepared to be employed in specific careers or occupations. Some classes may transfer to four year colleges, but that is not the goal of the department. Arapahoe Community College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission North Central Association. It also participates in concurrent enrollment programs, allowing high school students to earn credit toward their degrees while satisfying diploma requirements.

Paralegal Associate of Applied Science Degree

This program is approved by the American Bar Association. There are sixty required credit hours of which twenty-four are general education classes. Thirty of the required classes are core classes in the major, including subjects like “Introduction to Law,” “Probate and Estates,” “Current Issues in the Law” and “Immigration Law.” The remaining six credits are elective courses that allow a specialization within the degree. There is a practicum class at the end of the program, called “Cooperative Education,” that is a faculty-supervised internship. The tuition for the degree program (per fifteen credit term) is $2850. Colorado offers a stipend through the College Opportunity Fund which defrays this cost. There is also a $40 program fee assessed each term.

Arapahoe Community College
5900 South Santa Fe Drive
Littleton, Colorado 80120—1801

Everest College —Thornton

Paralegal Degrees

Although Everest College is primarily a distance learning school it does have three Colorado campuses. The college is accredited by The Accrediting Council of Independent Colleges and Schools. It is aimed at people who want career education in business, accounting, health care or criminal justice. The school features counselors who help prospective students decide on majors and careers, assist them in planning their programs and then serve as employment guides to offer advice on securing employment to graduates. The school also works with students to secure financial aid.

Paralegal Associate of Applied Sciences

The paralegal field has a higher-than-average projected job growth rate. This degree program intends to prepare students to secure an entry-level position as a paralegal or legal assistant. Courses offered include “Introduction to Paralegal, Criminal Procedures, Legal Research and Writing I and II, Tort, Family Law, Contract Law, Wills, Trusts and Probates, Law Office Management and Civil Procedure.” The college emphasizes learning terminology and procedures and focusing on contract law. There are additional classes that offer a chance to specialize in areas like environmental law and bankruptcy. The ninety-six-credit degree program can be completed in twenty-four months. The average tuition in $17,044 annually and students must have a computer and computer skills as well as software and adequate Internet connection. Online classes generally require participation in student forums and emails.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Legal Assistant/Paralegal

Graduates hold jobs under the supervision of attorneys to interview subjects, to conduct case research, and to analyze gathered information. They prepare legal documents and run law offices in the daily activities. The degree path is open to students who have accumulated at least thirty-six transferable credits or an associate degree. Those admitted with an associate degree in paralegal may enter as juniors and complete the program with ninety more credit hours. Fifty-four of the credit hours must come from liberal arts education classes in humanities, math and sciences. There are lower and upper division core classes that include communications skills and a four credit capstone project. Students learn rules of evidence and ethics and social responsibility in the legal system. Total credit hours required for graduation are 192 and the program takes forty-eight months to complete. Tuition for the degree is $72,000.

Everest College—Thornton
9065 Grant Street
Thornton, Colorado, 80229
Email through website

ITT Technical Institute—Thornton

School of Criminal Justice

ITT , founded in 1969, owns and operates more than 125 schools in addition to Daniel Webster College. It is a four-year, for-profit, primarily associate degree school. The college accepts work and military experience for credit, but these must be reviewed by a board and are not guaranteed. Programs of study at ITT are technology-based and oriented toward real-world career experience. Core classes in the School of Criminal Justice integrate interpersonal skills such as communication with criminal justice. Students study the court system, law enforcement and corrections as well as legal procedures and criminology. Upon graduation, the college offers career services.

Paralegal Associate of Applied Sciences

This degree program is aimed at giving students foundational skills and knowledge so that they may obtain an entry-level position as a paralegal or as a legal assistant. The ninety-hour degree path includes classes in ethics, legal research, legal writing, terminology and technology and specific areas of concentration such as criminal law and wills. The program stresses teamwork . It is entirely online and each class lasts either six or twelve weeks. Course materials such as textbooks, CD ROMs and schedules are sent to students but the students are responsible for having a computer, software, computer skills and reliable Internet service. In addition, the course involves required participation in online forums and emails with other students. The coursework is structured in classes of fifteen to twenty-five students.

Associate of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies

This degree is intended to prepare students to obtain entry-level positions in lawyers’ offices, corporations and government offices. Paralegals do a variety of tasks that assist lawyers in the performance of their duties, such as preparing reports and researching cases. Paralegals also interview clients and write reports. Classes in this degree program include ethics, research techniques, oral and written communication and terminology. Technology in law offices is stressed as well. Students are involved in learning that increases their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The program offers preparatory education for paralegal positions; however some states require certification and/or licensure in addition to the associative degree. Tuition for the ninety-six credit program runs $18,052 annually but the school offers a grant to all students to help defray the costs and most people also carry student loans and federal funding.

ITT Technical Institute
800 Wolff Court, Suite 100
Thornton, Colorado, 80030
Email through ITT website

Westwood College—Denver South

School of Justice

The Westwood College School of Justice boasts that its faculty has experience as legal practitioners. The school is accredited by the Accrediting Council of Independent Colleges and Schools and is licensed by the state through the Colorado Commission on Higher Education. It has been headquartered in Denver since 1953. Although Westwood has brick-and-mortar campuses in several states, most students study online. The school boasts an “employment pledge” that states if students have not found positions in their degree area within six months of graduation the school will help them pay their bills.

Associate Degree—Paralegal

This degree program stresses relevant classes that can help students get employed in the real world. The college boasts that its classes are designed with input from legal professionals. The curricula strive to remain current with classes in areas like immigration and real estate law. Students are taught to research effectively using online tools like “Westlaw.” There is an emphasis on learning legal terminology and in drafting legal documents. Some of the areas addressed in the course are: entertainment law, immigration law and interviewing and investigation. The ninety-hour program, which includes general education classes in science and math as well an English composition, can be completed in 17 months. The tuition is $33,230 but the school says that 100 percent of its students qualify for at least one scholarship.

Westwood College—Denver South
3150 South Sheridan Boulevard
Denver, Colorado 80227

Online degrees make education accessible to non-traditional students and those who work full-time. They enable students get an education to work in private and governmental legal offices. While the tuition is a significant investment, there is financial aid available for students at accredited colleges enrolled in Online Paralegal Degree Programs in Colorado.

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