What is a Mediation Lawyer?

A mediation lawyer, also simply referred to as a mediator, is an unbiased third party whom intervenes in a situation of conflict. When people in business and personal relationships find themselves unable to resolve conflicts on their own, mediation lawyers give them one last opportunity to solve the matter outside of an official court hearing, saving these clients and the courts precious time. Some examples of mediation clients include:

  • Spouses (divorce, alimony, spousal support)
  • Landlords and tenants
  • Employers and their employees
  • Individuals bound by contracts
  • And parents of minor children (to establish custody/child support)

The use of mediators has proven to be an effective tool in preventing many if not most civil cases from unnecessarily going in front of a judge. Since mediation is private, all records can be kept closed out of the public eye.

Mediation lawyers are trustworthy, ethical, and neutral parties that are skilled at helping people in the midst of stressful situations to see that compromise, reconciliation, and settlement are the most timely and effective solutions to their conflicts.

Becoming a Mediation Lawyer

It is not uncommon for a legal professional to take on additional expertise by becoming a mediator; but in order to get to this point, it takes years of education. Typically, it takes at least 7 years of college level study to become an attorney. In order to become a lawyer, students must:

  • Attain a bachelor’s degree
  • Successfully apply to and complete a JD program of study

Some students choose to earn a master’s degree in their specialty before applying to law school to earn their JD. It is important to note that many firms will hire law students with the appropriate bachelor’s education to be mediators. Common areas of undergraduate and graduate study include:

  • Pre-law
  • US History
  • Social Sciences
  • World History
  • Public Service/Administration
  • Criminal Justice
  • and more specialized areas.

Mediation Lawyer Job Outlook

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts demand for Arbitrators, Mediators, and Conciliators to grow by 9% through 2024. The occupation holds a median annual salary of $58,020 for entry level with a bachelor’s degree.

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Mediators work within law firms, as well as for the benefit of the state or federal government within various bureaus. Though these jobs will continue to be in demand, budget constraints of government work will allow for fewer positions to be filled.

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