What Are the Advantages of a Paralegal Certificate?

There are so many ADVANTAGES OF A PARALEGAL CERTIFICATE for those who want a career in law. Pursuing a career in the legal field can be quite overwhelming to a lot of people who feel intimidated by going to law school. In order to become a lawyer, you have to spend three years in school, plus complete an internship and hopefully land a job with a top notch law firm. However, for many who desire to get into the legal field but do not necessarily want to be bothered with years of competitive education, pursuing a paralegal certificate can be quite advantageous. Here is a quick overview of the certificate and how it can help boost your career.

What exactly will I learn in a paralegal certificate program
In an American Bar Association-approved paralegal certificate program, students should expect to learn the in’s and out’s of the paralegal profession. Individuals will take courses in legal research, writing, ethics, history of the paralegal profession, litigation, family law, immigration, securities regulation and other electives based on the type of law an individual seeks to work in.

How long does a typical paralegal program last?
On average, the typical paralegal program last for about a solid year if an individual goes full-time continuously. For some individuals it might take longer depending on the breadth of the program and if they are going part-time because of work.

Why a paralegal certificate over a degree?
For some people, enrolling in an actual college or university might be time consuming or they might already have degree and simply want to switch careers. A paralegal certificate is the perfect option for those who simply need take a few classes just to obtain a certificate to make the transition into be a certified paralegal.

What type of jobs can I get with a paralegal certificate?
Individuals who obtain a certificated from an accredited program should expect to land a job working for a law firm or a law department within a major corporation. Individuals can also work for government agencies, nonprofit organizations and other places that need legal support and assistance.

What are the salaries for those with a paralegal certificate?
Salaries range drastically for paralegals depending on years of experience, education, geographic location, size of employer and role. Typically paralegals start off making around $35,000 and can make an upwards of close to $70,000 year at some top law firms. Paralegals also have the opportunity to work in a supervisory capacity and can oversee a research team or work as a project coordinator for lawyers working on a high profile case.

As stated earlier, there are so many awesome ADVANTAGES OF A PARALEGAL CERTIFICATE. Less time spent in school, easier access to the job market and great salaries are just some of the awesome benefits. Do your research to make sure you find the right program for you and your career aspirations. There are so many paralegal certificate programs out there on the market; just make sure you find one that can fit into your schedule and one that is highly competitive.


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