How Will Potential Employers View an Online Paralegal Degree?

Are you wondering whether or not an online paralegal degree is marketable? If your goal is to become a paralegal, the first step is to enroll in and complete a paralegal studies program, but not all programs are perceived the same by law officers and other employers. You will find that there are on-campus and online paralegal programs to choose from, and some of these programs have better reputations than others. If you want to select a degree program that will be perceived highly by employers, you must understand how studying online to earn your degree is viewed. Read on and learn how an online paralegal degree is perceived in today’s modern age. 

Will Your Application Be Considered With an Online Degree?

One of the biggest worries that perspective students have today is whether or not an online degree will earn attention from a recruiter. With more and more degrees being earned online, you will be happy to hear that many employers value an online degree at the same weight as a traditional degree. If you are studying paralegal studies, the way that your online degree is perceived will depend entirely on the setting in which you would like to work in.

If you would like to work as a paralegal to a lawyer or in a large law firm, the firm needs to see the value of distance education to be open to reviewing your resume. If you are applying to work in a business environment or a government agency, the recruiters will be much more open to online degrees earn at traditional schools and solely online schools. Professional networking will be the key to applying to an office or firm that will accept that you multi-tasked and earned your degree from home.

How Can You Ensure That You Take a Reputable Online Program

You cannot ensure that the recruiter that you meet with during an interviewer is going to perceive your degree highly, but you can guarantee that you get a quality education by taking a program that meets the standards of accreditation agencies. The American Bar Association and the American Association for Paralegal Education both recognize programs by reviewing voluntary applications and then approving or denying the programs based on the curriculum.

By taking time to review the online degree programs that have been approved by the AAFPE, you can find a quality program and still study in your spare time. Review the membership directory, look for the right type of program by narrowing your options, and you can find a school and a program that has passed evaluations consistently.

To be a paralegal, you will need to have multi-tasking and research skills. If you would like to work in a legal environment and work directly with a lawyer or other legal assistants, the first step is earning your degree or your certificate in Paralegal Studies. After you earn your degree, you can find an entry-level position without any legal experience. The job outlook in the field is positive, and growth is projected to be at 17 percent by 2022. Fill in the gap that is growing between supply and demand, and start and entry-level legal career where advancement is a possibility by earning your online paralegal degree from a reputable private college.

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