5 Conferences for Paralegals in 2019

Five Great Paralegal Conferences in 2019

  • NALA Conference and Expo
  • NFPA Annual Conference
  • AAfPE 2019 Regional Spring Conference: Chicago
  • NALS 68th Annual Education + Networking Conference
  • 6th Annual Paralegals Cruise

As the academic pursuit of law around the world grows, the demand for trained paralegals grows with it. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the paralegal profession is growing significantly faster than average – and competent paralegals can keep themselves in high demand.

Much the same as lawyers, a paralegal’s education doesn’t end with schooling. New regulations, best practices, and new laws are always emerging, and with it the demand for a paralegal to continue learning about their profession. Here are five great paralegal conferences taking place in 2019.

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  1. NALA Conference and Expo

    The annual NALA Conference and Expo offers a wide array of educational opportunities, networking events, and clinics to paralegals of every stripe and background. The NALA conference also offers the opportunity to earn as many as thirteen CLE hours, as well as a deeply discounted rate for students pursuing a paralegal degree. This conference will take place in Scottsdale, Arizona in July 2019.

  2. NFPA Annual Conference

    The National Federation of Paralegal Associations’ annual conference this year is focused on the continuation and preservation of legal rights. Taking place in Rochester, New York, this conference is one of the less expensive to attend, and also offers discounts to students. The NFPA conference offers training sessions, icebreakers, keynote addresses, and social networking opportunities, along with discounts on special events to NFPA members, and will take place in October 2019.

  3. AAfPE Regional Spring Conference: Chicago

    The AAfPE 2019 Regional Spring Conference: Chicago offers a somewhat different conferential experience than its peers. It not only offers a tight and well-structured agenda but includes off-campus events such as a field trip to a law library and networking breakfasts in addition to panels and keynote addresses. This conference takes place in April 2019.

  4. NALS 68th Annual Education + Networking Conference

    Taking place in Little Rock, Arkansas in September 2019, the NALS 68th Annual Education + Networking Conference is firmly focused on continuing education for paralegals. From regulation and reform to ancillary professional skills, the NALS conference makes for an excellent choice for those still studying for a paralegal degree and those fresh from graduation.

  5. 2019 Paralegal Cruise

    A mix of fun and professionalism, the 2019 Paralegal Cruise launches from NCL Epic and makes stops in the Bahamas and Mexico. Intended to be a unique experience involving seabound fun and intensive education, the Paralegal Cruise – now in its 6th year – makes for excellent networking as well. The 2019 Paralegal Cruise will take place in March 2019.

Each of these conferences represents ample opportunity for paralegals in every region of the US to network, learn, and improve their professional and legal skills – and help guide the paralegal profession to greater heights in the future.