5 Blogs About Constitutional Law

Constitutional Law: Five Great Blogs

  • The Faculty Lounge
  • There Is No Consensus Constitutional Law Blog
  • IACL-IADC Blog
  • Harvard Law Review Constitutional Law Blog
  • Constitutional Law Professor Blog

When it comes down to it, constitutional law blogs are arguably among some of the most relevant blogs to all people in general. Constitutional law is the main area of law from which all other laws derive and are tested. For those interested in staying in the loop along this important area of societal change today, here are five great choices in constitutional law blogs right now.

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1. The Faculty Lounge

While all of the blogs on this list are highly redeemable, The Faculty Lounge is the one most centered on how matters of constitutional law actually boil down to affect society, culture, academia, and more. It is also one of the most active blogs in constitutional law, issuing, at times, upwards of 14 blog posts each week. This blog has been running since 2008, is maintained by numerous legal experts, and also allows for reader commenting and feedback within its blogs.

2. There Is No Consensus Constitutional Law Blog

The There Is No Consensus Constitutional Law Blog is another great choice for those striving to stay in-the-know. This blog contends with all of the important constitutional law action going on right now but also extends itself in providing general law advice to the common layperson. With several posts each week, solid current events coverage, and an active admin staff that is very reactive to reader communications, the There Is No Consensus Constitutional Law Blog is a solid bet.


The IACL, or International Association of Constitutional Law, is a widely respected organization that advocates for and stays abreast of constitutional law matters all across the globe. Any country that utilizes a constitution may thus find this organization’s attention. As to the IACL’s constitutional law blog, in particular, readers here can expect thorough coverage of all important events and a posting schedule of several blogs each week on average.

4. Harvard Law Review Constitutional Law Blog

Harvard Law Review‘s Constitutional Law Blog is another great choice in staying current with constitutional law events. While HLR’s constitutional law blog typically only posts several blogs each month, they are highly educational and cover the meat of American political implications quite well. Surprisingly to some, this is actually a student-run blog, although it is also overseen by the greater institution. Since its inception in 2017, this blog has only continued to grow in popularity.

5. Constitutional Law Professor Blog

As one may guess, the Constitutional Law Professor Blog is a blog themed completely around all info coming specifically from college law professors. Law Professor Blogs, LLC is the blog’s parent provider, utilizing over 100 law professors for all its blog work and production. This is a very active blog with multiple posts each week on average, and it has seen great success since its beginnings in 2008. Thorough coverage can always be found here.

Constitutional law is incredibly important and ultimately has a very real effect on all of our lives, rights, and so on. Blogs managed by some of this subject area’s brightest minds are certainly one, excellent way in which to stay abreast of it all. These five constitutional law blogs are among some of the very best right now for doing just that.